In A Nutshell

  • a management consultancy
  • specialised in life sciences both private and public and nothing else
  • truly global
  • small (14 consultants) but with very high average experience
  • our competitors are the "big names" (McKinsey, Accenture, Booz & Company, BCG, etc.) and we regularly win but also lose to them. We win when the client wants content / flexibility / discretion / support. We lose when they want "pure power" to push something through and/or need large capacity
  • we usually cost less, not because we are cheap, but because we don't stuff projects with consultants. We are happy to work part-time. We deliver by quickly focussing on the key points
  • our projects cover all aspects of Marketing & Sales, R&D, Product Supply and Organisation
  • our clients are mainly blue chip pharma and the major international public institutions and governments. But of course we also work for mid-sized and even small companies and NGOs